The 5 Main Email KPIs and Metrics: How to Determine if Your Campaigns are Successful

August 2, 2022

Email marketing is a powerful tool that can be used to achieve a variety of business goals.
But to make sure your email campaigns are successful, you need to track and measure the key performance indicators (KPIs). This blog post will discuss the 5 primary email KPIs and metrics you should monitor.

1. Open Rates for 5 Main Email KPIs and Metrics

Open rates give you a good indication of how successful your email campaign was in terms of getting people to open and read your email. A high open rate means your subject line effectively piqued people's interest. A low open rate could indicate that your subject line was impractical or that your email was sent to a cold list.

Open rates can vary depending on your industry, but the global average open rate is around 21%.

2. Click-Through Rates for 5 Main Email KPIs and Metrics

Click-through rates (CTRs) measure your email content's success in getting people to click on the links and take action. A high CTR means your email content effectively got people to click through your website or landing page. A low CTR could indicate that your email content was ineffective or that your email was sent to a cold list.

3. Unsubscribe Rates for 5 Main Email KPIs and Metrics

Unsubscribe rates measure your email campaign's success in keeping people subscribed to your email list. Particularly a low unsubscribe rate means that people were happy with the email content and found it valuable. However, if you have a high unsubscribe rate, it could tell that your email content was irrelevant to the people on your list or that they felt like they were getting too many emails from you.

4. Spam Complaints

Spam complaints basically measure how many people marked your email as spam. A low number of spam complaints means that your email is not considered spam by the people who receive it specifically. If you have a high number of spam complaints, it could tell unquestionably that your email content is irrelevant to the people on your list or that they feel like they are getting too many emails from you.

5. Deliverability Rates

Deliverability rates measure your email campaign's success in getting delivered to people's inboxes significantly. A high deliverability rate means your email was successfully delivered to people's inboxes simultaneously. If you have a low deliverability rate, it could tell that your email went to people's spam folders or that there were technical issues with your email.

To improve your deliverability rate, ensure you follow email best practices and that your email list is clean. You can also use an email deliverability service to help improve your chances of getting delivered to people's inboxes.

The 5 Main Email KPIs and Metrics are important to track to determine the success of your email campaigns. By monitoring these KPIs and metrics, you can eventually make changes to improve the performance of your email campaigns.

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