Every modern marketer must know how to govern the platform TikTok. After all, it’s the hottest social media platform, with billions of active users per month. This means the platform contains a diverse range of demographics you can tap into for the growth of your business. Here is a simple guide on how to grow your TikTok following in record time. 

Tiktok following

Before we proceed, we’d like to preface this by saying that there is no substitute for high-quality content. This will always be the main magnet to lure people to your page. However, high-quality content can only work so much, so we outline these expert tips to yield optimal results. 

Stop hogging every niche

The first step is to stop creating content that appeals to everyone. The truth is that the more you try to resonate with everyone, the more likely you’ll connect with no one. The first step is to narrow your content to a specific niche to increase your online visibility.

For example, fashion is one of the biggest niches in the TikTok world. If you dive in headfirst and just blindly post content about fashion, there is a big chance that your video will get drowned in the sea of billions of views daily. However, if you go more specific, say “midsize fashion” or “street style.” You are more likely to find your crowd and get seen by your target audience and buyer personas.

Follow a schedule 

Timing also plays an essential role in the world of TikTok. The algorithm heavily relies on how many people engage with your post within the first hour of publishing it. You want to post it when most of your followers are online. 

Here is a recommended schedule by a recent Hubspot survey:

Duet or stitch

Take a look at the trending videos in your niche and collaborate with those through the duet or stitch features of TikTok. This brings their current audience to your new video. You can use these features to add some sort of reaction, follow-up, or commentary. 

Hop on challenges or make your own

Challenges are some of the trendiest ways to go viral on TikTok. One well-executed challenge can easily blow up your following count. The users who go viral with challenges are those that were able to add their own unique spin to it. 

Use trending audio

Audio is essential for the optimal user experience. The algorithm itself dictates that this is one element that dictates higher engagement. While TikTok houses a wide variety of sounds and audio, it is essential to nitpick which ones have the chance to hit virality so that your video can ride the wave. TikTok also favors videos that utilize these trending sounds to their advantage.

These tips should help boost your business account and grow your TikTok following. Always remember that you are only as good as the content you create. These tips may be helpful for short bursts of virality from time to time. Still, the key to a successful account is capturing your viewers' hearts and establishing relationships with them.

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