Today's search landscape makes it challenging to discover what you're looking for. It is getting more crowded and less reliant on cookies. Google Ads is still the best PPC tool a paid search marketer can use. Direct-response tactics don't always work. PPC tools that used to be nice to have, like landing page builders and CRM reporting software, are now deemed essential.

The 5 Best Ppc Tools on Social Media

PPC optimization is not about advertisements anymore. Has it ever been? It's also about ad placement, keyword research, and competitor research. It also includes copywriting, and bid management, to mention some. You need to maximize PPC campaigns for the whole. It means A/B testing the copy and design of landing pages. Even many various email nurture streams and streams.

5 PPC tools that can help your business

Let's start with a classic tool for managing PPC ads.

1. Google Ads

Google has more than 90% of the market for search engines. Because of this, Google Ads is one of the leading PPC systems for attaining your target audience. Plus, creating a Google Ads account is free and has no additional cost. 

Google AdWords, is a tool that lets you do everything from research to launching ads to keeping an eye on them.

With the choice to automate, you can make advertisements that are best for your business objectives.

2. Google Analytics

It can assist you in discovering more about your campaigns. You can use this tool for free. 

By linking your Google Ads account to your Google Analytics, you can see metrics for your advertisements. You can also track the number of clicks and the cost per click (CPC). Users can also see metrics for your website pages, such as the number of sessions, bounce rate, and conversion rate.

If you've run ads before, you can access the search terms where your ads have shown up. The type of campaign you run also affects how the data are broken down.

3. VWO

Your ad campaigns can succeed or fail based on your landing pages. If you don't know what a landing page is, it's the page on your website that someone goes to when people click on the ad.

Most of the time, these pages are made with a specific goal in mind, like getting more sales or leads.

With this tool, you can test a variety of landing pages to see which one works best for your customer base. It means which page gets better results.

4. SpyFu

Have you recently noticed what your competitors do with their ads? SpyFu has the answers to your questions.

SpyFu is a complete tool. It lets you see important information like your competitors' paid keywords. Like how many clicks they get from those keywords each month, and how much they spend on ads each month.

It's full of great ideas for your campaigns.

You can also look at the ads your competitors have run in the past, which can help you plan your campaigns.

5. MarketingCloudFx

It gives you the data you need to make data-driven, money-focused choices for your company.

It works better for many types of marketing, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing. Let us talk about some of its great PPC features.

It is perfect for many types of marketing. Like, digital marketing, search engine, and email marketing. Let us talk about some of its great PPC features.

You can keep track of customer information with the MarketingCloudFX ad technology. It's perfect for reaching the people you want to. Your ads can also track visits to your website, calls, and analytics. It's just a minor part of what this tool can do.

These are five great PPC tools that will help you get started. It will help your advertisements and business function better than ever before. 

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