Online marketplaces are expected to see increased revenue in 2023. From 2023 through 2027, Amazon anticipates $491 billion in revenue. According to Statista 's findings, this is quite likely to occur.

In recent years, internet marketplaces have developed into mature, profitable enterprises. Their population is expanding at a dizzying rate. This trend doesn't look like it will change any time soon.


The result is unprecedented levels of rivalry among suppliers. Businesses that don't do this will blend in with the crowd. It's trying to jump on the competition by learning about emerging market trends.

We have compiled a list of the most significant developments that will affect online markets. It is to prepare you for the battle for the top spot in online business. What is the deal here? Well, let's find out.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It has a big impact on how well eCommerce businesses can serve their customers and come up with innovative solutions. AI might help eCommerce businesses with their daily tasks in many ways. It will help them focus on their tasks and do better work.

HubSpot did a survey and found that 63% of the people who use AI solutions don't even know it because they are so easy to use and get to. It shows that you can use AI on your eCommerce site in ways that users might not even notice.

2. Live Streaming Shopping

Live shopping is when a store shows off its goods through a live stream, usually on a social media site. With this method, customers can ask queries, get answers, and buy items at the same time. Interaction is important for live sales.

People are living more and more. The live-streaming market will grow and should be worth €237 billion by 2027.

Brands can show off their products, talk to customers, and make sales while being creative. Live shopping can help your eCommerce business in a lot of ways. These are better engagement, a quick rise in sales, more people knowing about the brand, and more people buying things on the spot.

3. Shopping on your phone is getting more social.

Merchants have been keeping an eye on how mobile shopping has been growing for a long time. Sellers must know how people buy things online with their phones. It's often crucial to get out and talk to other people.

Up to 30% of all retail sales in the U.S. occur on social media platforms, and this number is expected to go up by 2025.

One way to get a profit from this trend is to use live chat and live stream shopping. At least 80% of businesses want their live feed sales budgets to develop or stay the same in the future, according to our research.

4. Omnichannel involvement

Shopping is easier than ever in the world we live in today. It is because 56% of people who shopped in a store did research on their phones while they were there. It means that people want to find out more about a product online, even if they're looking around for it.

In omnichannel retail, every interaction between a company and a customer must be the same. Touchpoints include phone calls, Internet browsing, mobile transactions, and in-person meetings. Someone might find out what your trademark is. No matter which way a customer looks at a product, they should have the same experience.

Here are four ways to get customers more involved across all platforms:

5. Customize Packaging 

As stores try to find as many ways as possible to connect with customers. By 2023, tailor-made packaging will be more important. Packaging can be used to show what a brand stands for and to make a product stand out. However, it can be used to direct shoppers to digital platforms.

Adding QR codes is a great choice of something that has worked out well. We now have a lot more ways to keep people interested. As part of this eCommerce trend for 2023, online business owners should do more with packaging than just putting their logo on it.

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