Launching Facebook ads seems to be the supreme option for social media marketing. Facebook houses many target audiences and has 2.934 billion active users. As such, Facebook ads success is vital if you want to achieve any specific milestone you may have for your business. Here are some rules to guarantee the highest ROI for your Facebook ads campaign.

Facebook Ads

Establish a goal

As with any good campaign, it helps to have a clear picture of what you want to achieve. Ask yourself this question: what do you want your Facebook ads to achieve?

Do you want more followers on your page? 

Generate sales? 

Engagement from followers?

Whatever your goal is shall serve as the direction for your marketing campaign.

Identify and Target Your Audience

Everyone is on Facebook, from CEOs to high schoolers. Everyone spends their free time browsing their News feeds, so if you really want your ads to stand out from the slew of content they consume daily, you need to generate the perfect graphics and copy that will appeal to them.

As such, merely posting on Facebook will not be enough. You need a deep analysis of your perfect client persona. If you are still not sure of where your target audience is located on the platform, you can use three places as listed by built-in features:

Use Eye-Catching Graphics

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Regarding Facebook ads, you are working with limited character space. Maximizing the opportunities to use images that will appeal to your audience is crucial.

It is recommended to use bright, high-quality, and clean images. The text should also only comprise 20% of the space of less. Otherwise, it will look too cluttered and off-putting.

Know Exactly What To Say

The ad copy is just as important as the graphics. Your copy should contain three key elements:

Don't Sound Like an Ad

This may seem tricky since you are literally creating an ad, but it is essential to avoid sounding too salesly. People will not respond well to your ad if they feel like they are being blatantly advertised to.

The critical goal is to make them check out your offer rather than commanding them what they should do.

This is achieved through expert copywriting, wherein they are gently reeled in and led to your desired call to action.

These 4 rules for Facebook ads success should guarantee excellent campaign results. 

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