Let’s face it: it’s more complicated than ever to capture someone’s attention online. It is even more challenging to get them to engage with your content. And without engagement, it just goes downhill from there: no likes, no comments, no shares, no sales, no profit. To help you out, here’s a simple guide on creating engaging social media content.

Show, Don’t Tell

Pictures and videos work better on social media than on a massive text block. When was the last time you stopped scrolling for a rambling Facebook status? We’re sure that an adorable cat picture is more likely to capture attention.

For every social media post you create, make sure to use an image instead of merely using text. Additionally, get creative! 

Use Your Own Photos

While appealingly accessible, stock photos don’t work for engaging social media content anymore. They sometimes come off as detached and impersonal, so it is better to shoot and use your own. This is particularly essential for sales-based brands. Rather than using a stock photo of some other product, get professional images of your own. Additionally, people are 35% more likely to sign up if they see a personal photo rather than a stock photo. It just establishes trust and credibility.

Utilize Hashtags

The internet is vast and diverse, with hundreds of thousands of content generated by the hour. One way to retarget your posts and ensure that it hits the right people is through hashtags. 

Hashtags categorize your posts into their appropriate niches so that they can be easily accessible by people interested in that specific topic. 

Create Useful Infographics

Suppose there is one thing that people online will appreciate. In that case, free information can benefit them and improve their lives. Providing helpful information can also help establish your brand as a reliable entity with authority in your niche. 

You can achieve this through infographics. Infographics present information in image format. These are eye-catching, so they will definitely stop your audience from their scrolling. The data is also offered in a clear, digestible manner, making it more appealing and palatable. Lastly, this generates engagement because your followers will want to share this with their friends and family in case they will likewise find the helpful information.

Some ideas include statistics, fun facts, historical tidbits, and more! Just make sure to create a graphic design consistent with your brand. Additionally, avoid overloading information into a tiny space. Try to break it up with other elements or make multiple photos that can be presented as a carousel post.

Always Ask For Feedback

If your audience is still not engaging with your content, maybe it’s time to ask them why. Always value the thoughts and feelings of your audience and create content around their preferences. For example, send out a feedback form to gather information about things you need to improve. Launch a series of Instagram Stories with the Polls or Question stickers so that you can gather intel on what your audience wants to see more of from your social media accounts. Invite them to send an email to your support email address or to slide into your DMs for any questions or concerns. 

This will set guidelines for the content you need to generate to incite more engagement. It also creates a side benefit of starting the conversation with your customers and establishing a connection with them.

Aside from these tips, it is essential to stay consistent and persevere. Avoid spamming posts one day and then neglecting your social media content calendar on the next. Remember that the algorithm favors accounts that consistently post a lot of content over time. By playing into these requirements, you increased the likelihood of your content being pushed out and recommended to relevant accounts, increasing engagement and boosting brand visibility. 

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