Nowadays, practically any platform online can be used for marketing purposes. For as long as there are users and the formation of communities is possible, then marketing is perfectly feasible. It is important to explore omnichannel marketing strategies for the best results and maximum reach. Today, we’re going to talk about Discord marketing and how you can use it for your business growth.


What is Discord Marketing?

Discord is an interactive chat platform where people gather based on their interests so that they can communicate with each other. This possesses high marketing potential because you can use it to form meaningful relationships with your target audience, boost brand awareness, and generate more sales.

More specifically, you can use Discord marketing to achieve the following benefits: 

How to Get Started with Discord Marketing

1. Create a server for your brand

The first step to Discord marketing is to build your server. You can easily establish this by choosing the Artists and Creators option. After that, select For a Club or Community. These settings ensure that you are creating a public space that interested parties can access.

Keep in mind that Discord is open to all types of people of all ages and demographics. As such, you need to gain a full understanding of your audience so that you can establish the right type of messaging that will resonate with and attract your target people.

To get more people into your server, release a promo on your other social media platforms. One good example is to provide exclusive discounts to the first 50 people who enter.

2. Find the right server for your brand

The amazing thing about Discord is that you can find other servers that your brand can enter. You can utilize the established niches that contain the people you already want to target. This eliminates the guesswork and gives you a list of people who are already your prospects. For example, a dog grooming business may join servers for pet lovers.

There are three things to consider when selecting your server:

3. Consistently interact with your audience

The next step is to build and sustain your relationship with your target audience. Before you proceed, keep in mind that the majority of the people on Discord are smart individuals who do not respond well to shady marketing tactics.

The way to appeal to this type of audience is to create authentic and engaging content that they will find useful or engage with. Consistent interactions will also raise the activity level of your server.

4. Establish a specific channel for customer service

You cannot neglect customer service as this plays a huge factor in the betterment of your relationship with your audience. Use this opportunity to resolve any issues or respond to inquiries.

5. Gather insights from the members of your server

Collect more data about your customers, such as their geography, retention, reaction to your content, and more. Use these pieces of information to craft the perfect and relevant content.

6. Keep on generating relevant content

As with any type of marketing, content is king. It shows that you provide value and that you care. Useful and informative content is also a great way to attract new members to join in on the fun!

Overall, Discord marketing is often overlooked yet extremely useful for marketing purposes. This guide should help you get started so that you may reach a new set of audiences today.

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