When it comes to business success, consistency is vital. You need a consistent brand style guide to be remembered by your target audience. This establishes you as a reputable and reliable brand since you look put-together.

Brand style

What is a brand style guide?

Brand style guides are also known as brand guidelines. This document contains all the design composition and elements that make up the company’s branding and messaging. This guide dictates the direction of everything the company will produce - blogs, website design, social media posts, advertisements, emails, and more.

Think about all the brands you immediately recognize. Chances are, their excellent and uniform branding made them so recognizable. The ideal brand style guide is cohesive, organized, and sensible. 

How to create a brand style guide

Mission statement - The mission statement is the compass of the brand style guide. This serves as the foundation of all types of content you create, which means that every piece of content you publish should be aligned with your mission statement. So if you are unsure which blog to write or post to publish, simply refer back to your mission statement.

Buyer persona - The buyer persona is the representation of your ideal customer. The details include their gender, age, location, job, and more. You can identify the buyer persona through customer research. Once you grasp the buyer persona well, you can create content that appeals to their specific needs and features.

Color palette - The color palette is the group or range of colors your company uses to identify itself. The range of colors should complement each other, and this should serve as a baseline for everything you publish online.

Typography - Typography includes the visual elements of your materials, precisely the font types and styles that you will use for your publication materials, website, emails, and more. 

Examples of Successful Brand Style Guides


Medium is a platform that promotes expert and undiscovered voices through open and free-form blogging. The logo heavily emphasizes the use of logos, symbols, and wordmarks. The logo is designed to feel timeless, premium, modern, and confident.


Walmart is one of the biggest global brands up to date, and one of the reasons why this company is so recognizable is because of the comprehensive brand guide. The logo, typography, photography, voice, editorial style, and illustrations, and more aligned with the core brand guide. You may even refer to their specific shade of blue as “Walmart Blue.”


Asana is a website that allows you to track, manage, and connect your projects to better coordinate with your team. The logo is simple and distinct, marked by three red circles against a plain background.

A coherent brand style guide is a must-have if you want to appear professional and become easily recognizable. 

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