How to Use Instagram Reels for Businesses

August 15, 2022

As a business, it is essential to keep up with the times and be where the customers are. With one billion monthly active users, Instagram is considered one of the most successful social media platforms. As such, it will indeed house a good portion of your customers. Due to this, you must capitalize on this fact. Ensure you maximize the potential of using this platform to advertise your business.


What are Instagram Reels?

Reel is a feature offered on Instagram that allows you to shoot, compile, edit, and publish 15 to 30-second videos. Furthermore, since the videos are posted on Instagram, you can share them publicly so people can view them themselves.

Unlike Instagram Stories, which you might be familiar with, Reels comes with other features that allow you to process and edit your videos using the sophisticated tools in this feature. After publishing the video, you will end up with full-screen. Vertical video clips on Instagram that are processed with visual effects and possibly audio clips to enhance the quality of the video.

How do you create Reels for your business?

Before talking about how you can use Reels as a strategy for business, you must first learn how to make Reels. To enter Reels mode in your Instagram Stories, you should go to your profile and tap on the plus sign in the upper right-hand corner of the Instagram interface. It will provide you with options, from which you would select "Reel." 

This will open your camera and allow you to choose special effects, audio, speed, length, effects, timer, and touch-up options. These are options you can explore and learn as you create your Instagram Reels. You can check out some of the Reels published by others to learn how you record, compile and edit your video.

Once you are done recording your Reel, you should tap the "Share to" button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. Which will direct you to the publishing screen. Here, you can write a caption, choose a cover, add hashtags. Finally publish the Reel you worked so hard on.

Instagram Reels as a marketing tool

There are several ways in which you can use Instagram Reels to help boost your business. The main goal is to gain as many views as possible on the video you wish to publish. To do this, you can take advantage of the Instagram algorithm to reach as many people as possible. Some of the ways you can do this are through:

1. Integrate famous tracks into your Reel. Posting a Reel to the public will allow other Instagram users to create their Reel using the audio. If you put a well-known audio track, i.e., a popular song, in your Reel. It will get exposed to that song's tag and will have the potential to gain access to more people.

2. Put closed captions on your Reel. A casual Instagram user might be mindlessly scrolling through Reels with their sounds muted. Therefore, it may be a good idea to put closed captions on your Reels. You can also engage with those who may have "accidentally" passed by your video. 

Moreover, people in the deaf community will surely appreciate this gesture. So that is a bonus that may also attract other people to your business.

3. Use tags. Using relevant tags before publishing your Reel will allow people to access your video. Tags may seem unnecessary at first. But having a reasonable tag will likely put your video on the radar of other people. It would most definitely improve your video's engagement.

Use these tips when publishing your Reel to advertise your business. Your chances of success will increase exponentially. Compared to the alternative where you do not take advantage of these features offered.

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