How Do You Use Intent Data To Boost Your Marketing Efforts?

July 29, 2022

Intent data is valuable for businesses looking to improve their marketing strategies. By understanding the intent of web and mobile users, businesses can create more relevant and targeted campaigns that resonate with their customers.

Using Intent Data to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

I've had the chance to use intent data for various marketing efforts. I've seen firsthand how intent data can help businesses achieve their marketing goals.

In one instance, we used it to create a targeted campaign for a client in the healthcare industry. The client wanted to reach decision-makers who were researching specific health conditions.

Using intent data, we could identify the keywords these decision-makers were searching for.

As well as create targeted content that spoke to their needs. As a result, the client saw a significant increase in web traffic and leads.

In another instance, we used it to help a B-to-B technology company reach its target audience. The company was looking to generate more sales-qualified leads, and we used it to create a targeted campaign that ran the right decision-makers at the right time.

As a result of our efforts, the company saw a significant increase in web traffic and sales-qualified leads.

Intent data is a powerful tool to help businesses achieve their marketing goals. If you want to boost your marketing efforts, I encourage you to try intent data. You might just be surprised by the results

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