B2B Customer Insights Every Digital Marketer Needs to Know

October 25, 2022

As a digital marketer, it's essential to understand your B2B customers. What are their needs and wants? What are they looking for on your website? What are their goals? By understanding your B2B customers, you can create marketing strategies that better meet their needs. This blog post will discuss B2B customer insights that every digital marketer should know. Stay tuned – it's going to be informative!

What are B2B customer insights?

B2B customer insights are "the combination of understanding what B2B customers want, plus an understanding of how they buy." In other words, B2B customer insights help you understand both the needs and wants of your B2B customers and their decision-making processes.

Many factors contribute to B2B customer insights, including market trends, customer demographics, and even the specific B2B industry. However, one of the most essential factors is customer feedback. Customer feedback can come in many forms, such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, and online reviews. Collecting this feedback regularly is vital so you can continually improve your understanding of B2B customer insights.

Why is it important?

There are many reasons why B2B customer insights are essential, but here are three of the most important:

First, B2B customer insights can help you create more effective marketing campaigns. By understanding what B2B customers want and how they buy, you can create marketing campaigns more likely to resonate with them.

Second, this can help you improve your website. Your website is often the first interaction B2B customers have with your company, so ensuring it meets their needs is essential. This will help you identify areas where your website could be improved, such as by adding more relevant content or making navigation more user-friendly.

Third, B2B customer insights can help you improve your sales process. B2B customers often look for a specific solution to their problems, so it's crucial to ensure your sales process is aligned with their needs. This can help you identify areas where your sales process could be improved, such as by providing more personalized service or offering more relevant products and services.

What are popular B2B customer insights?

There are many, but here are five of the most popular:

- B2B customers want quality over quantity.

- B2B customers are willing to pay more for a product or service that is high quality.

- B2B customers prefer convenience and ease of use.

- B2B customers want a personalized experience.

- B2B customers are more likely to purchase from a company they trust.

How do you collect it?

There are many ways to collect it, but here are three of the most popular:

- Surveys: You can use surveys to collect those by asking questions about their needs, wants, and preferences.

- Interviews: You can conduct interviews with B2B customers to better understand their needs and wants.

- Focus groups: You can bring together a group of B2B customers and ask them questions about your product or service.

How is it different from B2C customer insights?

B2B customer insights are different from BToC customer insights in a few key ways:

- B2B customers are more likely to base their purchase decisions on logic. In contrast, BToC customers are more likely to base their purchase decisions on emotion.

- B2B customers are more likely to research a product or service before purchasing. In contrast, BToC customers are more likely to make a spontaneous purchases.

- B2B customers are more likely to want a personalized experience, while BToC customers may be more interested in convenience.

Consider these differences when creating marketing campaigns targeted at B2B or B2C customers. Thanks for reading!

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