5 Marketing Trends for 2022 To Get Ahead of the Game

July 26, 2022

It is always strategic to stay updated on marketing trends to get a head start on your competitors. This is more important now than ever when the digital space is exponentially growing and becoming more saturated with new businesses each day. Knowing about these marketing trends will give you the chance to revamp your strategy and allow you to adapt to forecasted changes in the digital marketplace.


Video Marketing

Consumers like video content because it is digestible, entertaining, and engaging. It is also accessible to anyone for as long as they have internet access. Research shows that 84% of surveyed marketers claim that they have generated leads through video

Even social media platforms are transitioning towards video, with Instagram and Facebook Reels as well as TikTok. It is safe to say that video content is an integral part of the digital marketing sphere and will not be going away any time soon.

Content Marketing

Content marketing remains to be an essential cornerstone of effective digital marketing campaigns. It allows companies to deeply connect with their target audience. High-quality, well-researched, timely, and relevant content must be supplied on a regular basis to establish credibility and rapport. Incorporate effective storytelling and utilize the platform that gives you the best access to your target consumers.

Virtual Events

A study by Bizzabo reported a 34% increase in attendance in online events since 2021. There is also a 250% increase in live stream viewers. People appreciate the opportunity to access exclusive events without having to make a physical appearance. Additionally, this is also a cost-effective way for both customers and businesses to hold special events. 

There is no need to book event spaces, catering, accommodations, and transportation when everyone can connect online.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing allows you to tap into your desired audience by capitalizing on an influencer’s following. You may connect with an influencer for cross-promotions, product demonstrations, and sponsored posts. This operates on the idea that customers are more likely to trust a person that is accessible and relatable as compared to a mega-corporation. 

Influencers also specialize in content creation which you can use for social media content and sponsored posts. This also saves you the time and resources to tap into your target niche. All you need to do is to look for an influencer related to your brand, send out an offer, and promote all content that comes out of it. 


As the world rises out of the tragic COVID-19 era, everyone is yearning for a personal connection. Everyone appreciates companies that are fully committed to upholding their wellness and interests. 2022 is no longer about amplifying your message to drown out your competitors; it’s about sending the right message that resonates with your ideal client persona.

Personalization is an effective tool for higher engagement, initiation of customer conversations, and attraction of new customers. This can be as simple as personalizing your email campaigns to incorporate a whole new feature that is attuned to your client’s interests. 

For example, Spotify’s Spotify Wrapped feature lets people showcase the top songs and artists they listened to in the past year. It generates a lot of buzz because it is a tailored service that users proudly share across their social media platforms.

Zack “ROI” Williams is an expert in marketing trends prediction and application. Get ahead of the game with us. Visit our website for more useful information on elevating your digital marketing strategies this year.

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